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We put control in the hands of residents and property managers with the most advanced, vandal-resistant offering of telephone entry systems, access controls, keypads, card readers, handheld access devices, and perimeter alert systems.

LiftMaster has systems designed for use in every kind of property – including single-family residential homes, multi-tenant communities such as apartments and condominiums, gated communities, commercial buildings, and manufacturing plants – and all provide you with options to help your customers conveniently manage every access point.

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telephone entry 

Our Entry Systems can help you effortlessly manage the flow of traffic in, around and through your property. With advanced features and durable designs, they’re an ideal long-term access solution to getting residents where they need to be, quickly and securely.

card and


Discover the most convenient and secure access options with LiftMaster access control card readers. Compatible with a number of different cards and fobs, our access control card readers offer greater control to access points, increased accessibility with simple programming, and offer the ideal solutions and security for small to medium businesses.

access control 

Whether you have a single-family home or live in a gated community, our Access Control Systems give you multiple options for managing your access points.



LiftMaster® integrated radio control receivers and remotes combine state-of-the-art access technology from several entry devices into one system for the ultimate in convenience and security




LiftMaster® wireless intercoms are the first and only intercoms in the world designed to operate from batteries full-time. This means that they are always on and available, and conserve battery power when not in use. Each system features up to two years of battery life and 1,000 feet of range. They are the only expandable wireless intercoms available to enhance your communication to multiple locations both inside and outside your home.